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Chimera Mobile Veterinary Services

animal ambulatory practice, focusing mainly on beef and small ruminant /
cervid medicine and repro. Small animal and equine are also part of
this mixed practice.
mixed-animal practice in East-central Ohio mainly serving Muskingum,
Licking, and surrounding counties. This is a one doctor practice in a
large beef-cattle production part of Ohio. Students will get to
experience sale-barn medicine and USDA regulatory work at the weekly
Muskingum Livestock Auction. Ambulatory medicine for horses, sheep,
goats, and some dairy will also be part of the experience. Depending on
the time of year, there are several whitetail deer farms that require
medical and Ag. Dept. regulatory work. There is also occasional work at
small animal clinic in Licking Co.
basic biosecurity when moving between facilities. Discuss cases,
differential diagnoses, various treatment options, etc.
3 to 15 hours per day and 3 to 6 days per week depending on time of year. Average 30hr week.
No, but commute from Columbus is reasonable.
Chimera Mobile Veterinary Services
10855 Flint Rd. SE  
Newark, OH 43056
Foster Anderson DVM
Posted: 01/28/14
updated: 7/2015
Zanesville, OH
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