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Externs are typically 3rd or 4th year veterinary students that have a strong interest in the care of nontraditional pets. Externs are expected to spend a 2 to 6 week rotation at the hospital but exceptions may be made for shorter or longer stays. Externs are ancillary positions to the hospital’s veterinarians, technicians, and customer service staff. The externs will assist the doctor and technicians with a patient during the taking of a medical history, examination, diagnosis, and treatment phases. The externs will help maintain the veterinary facilities, equipment, veterinary records, and supplies. They also assist in the care of boarding animals. The externs are expected to participate fully in all aspects of patient care under the supervision of the hospital staff. The hospital is open 6 days a week with some evening hours. Externs are expected to work 40+ hrs/week.
There are 3 full time exotic veterinarians and 2 part time veterinarians in this practice. In addition, there is a boarded internist in the building, as well as an emergency practice.
JHMS, JAAV, All of the available avian or exotic animal text books
Goals Include experience in the following categories

  • Basic Avian Internal Medicine
  • Basic Avian Surgery
  • Small Mammal Internal Medicine
  • Small Mammal Surgery
  • Reptile and Amphibian Internal Medicine
  • Reptile and Amphibian Surgery
  • Fish Medicine and Surgery
  • Invertebrate Medicine and Surgery
And also possible experience in these categories depending on aptitude Handling and restraint
  • Medical Prescription and or planning
  • Critical care (tube feeding, catheters, IO catheters, etc);
  • Venapuncture: exotic species and avian
  • Surgical understanding/aptitude
  • Client communications
  • Proper records management
  • Client Education/fluency in exotic and avian husbandry
  • Radiography
  • Basic lab techniques and understanding of in house lab equipment
  • Exotic cytology (CBC, fecals), sample preparation
  • Exotic lab submissions; where to submit samples
  • Grooming of avian and exotic patients
  • Understanding scheduling clients/Time Management
The student will be working directly with the veterinarian during the entire externship, therefore 40 hours a week.
Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital
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