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Beef Cattle Veterinary Work
This practice is a 100% beef cattle practice. The practice consists largely of reproductive work including pregnancy ultrasound, artificial insemination, breeding soundness exams, etc. as well as cow-calf medicine. Almost all work is completed on the farm/ranch with portable hydraulic chutes/alleys. The average herd size is greater than 200 head. Preventative medicine and reproductive management are key to the practice.
Chandy Olson, DVM
A range of veterinary journals, internet, list-serves are available.
  • Students are expected to fully participate in daily activities including whatever the job may involve.
  • All students will be expected to develop competency in each veterinary task that they participate in.
  • Students should bring a list of skills and goals they would like to accomplish during the elective.
Students will have veterinary access 12 hours per day 5-7 days per week if desired. All veterinary tasks will be available for hands-on training and supervision.
CATL Resources, PC
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Chandy Olson, DVM
Updated: 01-23-12