• Private Clinical Practice Veterinarians promote healthy and efficient food animal production, prevent disease, improve comfort, and contribute to environment sustainability on farms and ranches.
  • Corporate Clinical Practice Veterinarians lead teams to assure herd health and production efficiency for integrated production systems, including the world's largest producers and processors of beef, pork, and poultry.
  • Public Clinical Practice Veterinarians investigate disease outbreaks in people, domestic animals, and wildlife around the world to protect the lives and livelihood of communities and countries
  • Education Veterinarians educate those who protect animal health, relieve animal suffering, conserve animal resources, promote public health, and advance medical knowledge.
  • Research Veterinarians explore new ways to prevent disease, discover new and emerging bacteria and viruses, and understand health and disease at the basic molecular level of all animals.
  • Public Health Veterinarians work with transdisciplinary teams to oversee food safety, design surveillance systems, protect occupational health, and coordinated local, national, and international program delivery.
  • Uniformed Services Veterinarians protect the United States from bioterrorism, ensure environmental health, and conduct biomedical research and development.
  • Countless Other Activities Veterinarians work in zoos, diagnostic laboratories, wild parks, aerospace medicine, animal shelters, animal-assisted therapy programs, ecosystem health, and many other fields.

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