Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center

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Small animal practice with an Emergency Clinic. Open 8AM-12 Midnight everyday. 8 Doctor practice. Owner does do Farm calls 2 days a week.
Will follow one of our doctors in their daily routine, which could consist of seeing patients in rooms for vaccine,sick, check-up appointments, surgery, dental surgery, and ER shifts.
  • Dr. Amy Wilson
  • Dr. Kim Berry
  • Dr. Lauren Smith
  • Dr. Jennifer Lee
  • Dr. Nicole Osche
  • Dr. Kathy Schweikart
All of the doctors journals and books will be available. Rounds are done daily from 12-12:30.
To follow and observe doctors. To ask questions and aid doctors in the treatment of our clients.
8 hours a day, 5 days(more if wanted) per week.
Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Center
1761 N. Main St. Ext.
Butler, PA 16001
butlervetassoc [at] yahoo [dot] com
Dr. Keith Harvey
Posted: 11/06/13