Brighton Eggert Animal Clinic

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2 weeks Clinical Externship for a 4th year DVM student
Observing clinic appointments, participating in and performing elective surgeries under veterinarian direct supervision, interpreting lab results, evaluating radio-graphs and observing ultrasounds being performed on a day to day basis in the clinic.
Dr. Jatain Sondhi- Post graduate diploma in veterinary clinical pathology
  • VIN access
  • DVM library
  • Avimark access to cases
  • Performing elective surgeries under veterinary direct supervision
  • Helping out with blood draws under supervision
  • Being polite and helpful during clinic appointments
  • Asking questions if student needs any help
8 hours per day and 5 days per week
Brighton Eggert Animal Clinic
2880 Sheridan Dr.  
Tonawanda, NY,
jsondhi [at] nvanet [dot] com
Dr. Jatain Sondhi
Posted: 03/11/14