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Boght Veterinary Clinic


Small animal private practice that performs surgeries daily and has office calls daily; dentistry performed as needed; experience will be for 1 month long.

Institutional Resources:

Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available:

  • Keith Anderson, DVM
  • Ralph K. Oles, DVM
  • David A. Wagoner, DVM

Educational Resources

  • Journals
  • Books
  • Computer databases


  • Observing/assisting in surgeries and office calls
  • participating in diagnosis and treatment of office calls and hospitalized patient

Student Supervision

40+ hours



Practice Information

Boght Veterinary Clinic
1165 New Loudon Road
Cohoes, NY 12047

ph: 518-785-0718
fax: 518-785-5341

Signature on file: Keith Anderson, DVM
Last Updated: 1/21/09

Cohoes, NY
Elective categories: