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Best Friends Animal Society


Students perform spays & neuters. They assist with other surgeries (or perform them under supervision). They do rounds at the cat & rabbit areas (with the option of doing rounds at birds & horses). They assist in appointments & collaborate on medical workups.


Associate Veterinarian and special expertise available

  • no boarded vets
  • we do have digital Xray, inhouse bloodwork, ultrasound, endoscopy (when not broken)

Educational Resources

  • many veterinary texts
  • access to a computer


  • spays & neuters
  • surgical assistance
  • assist in treatments & care of animals they work up
  • expect flexibility in daily schedule
  • show up on time for rounds
  • be prepared to stay late

Student Supervision

8-12 hours a day & up to 7 days a week (most students work 5 days a week - that is all we ask of them)



Practice Information

Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Dr.
Kanab, UT 84741

Ph: 435-644-2001
Fax: 435-644-2701


Updated: 8/11/09
Signature on file: Dr. Michael Dix

Kanab, UT
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