Benefits of SCAVMA Membership

Each academic year the officers of SCAVMA strive to have 100% membership in the student chapter by students of all years at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Becoming a member of SCAVMA has benefits.

Benefits of SCAVMA membership in "good standing"

  • Ability to attend any SCAVMA lunch or dinner lectures
  • Potential PDF funds for reimbursement (up to $500/yr)
  • Free AVMA membership after graduation (required for AVMA-GHLIT insurance after graduation)
  • Reduced price AVMA membership for two years at a cost of $110 (compared to $250 per year full price)
  • Reduced subscriptions to JAVMA and AJVR
  • Potential "off campus" PLIT insurance coverage for only $10, excluding the required externship during 4th year
  • Free registration at AVMA convention and reduced cost registration at SAVMA Symposium
  • Eligibility for any/all SAVMA awards/ contests
  • Eligibility for all three AVMA externship programs (GRD, Headquarters, and Student Externship Stipend)