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Basking Ridge Animal Hospital

Small animal orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, dentistry, internal and preventive medicine.
will be shadowing practicing veterinarians into appointments, evaluate
laboratory/diagnostic information under supervision, and participating
in medical rounds and Q&A sessions.
5-doctor practice (all general practitioners) with varying levels of experience.

On-call ultrasonographers available (board-certified or board-eligible)

On-call surgeon available (Dip. ACVS)
Extensive library with current medical texts

In-hospital access to veterinary medical databases (e.g., VIN)

Daily (morning) rounds

Access to current veterinary journals / circulars
prompt; be courteous, respectful and compassionate toward staff,
clients and patients; use in-house resources to further medical
education; participate in rounds and Q&A sessions to best of
ability; make good and sensible use of down-time when not actively
participating in rounds/appointments.
Student will be directly supervised during regular business hours: 8am to 7pm, Monday through Friday.
Basking Ridge Animal Hospital
340 S. Finely Avenue

Basking Ridge, NJ 07920
(908) 766-4211
(908) 766-3932
Erno L. Hollo, DVM
Updated: 10/10/11
Basking Ridge, NJ
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