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The Banfield Externship Program provides veterinary students in their clinical year the opportunity to practice medicine one-on-one alongside an experienced mentor veterinarian as a "doctor-in-training" to develop medical and surgical skills. Each extern is assigned a mentor and is expected to complete an individual set of weekly goals based upon their interests and Banfield hospital procedures. Externs will be exposed to a wide range of experiences geared towards developing their clinical skills in a nurturing, supportive environment, ranging from technical applications to inter-personal relationship techniques.
In accordance with the State Practice Act, students are provided with the opportunity to:
• Gain experience in general Pet medicine in a bond-centered practice.
• Understand Banfield’s best practice standards, code of conduct and ethics.
• Understand the concepts of quality medicine and preventive care.
• Understand how both high quality and high case load can compliment each other.
• Learn to perform a physical exam and to record a thorough medical history.
• Improve technical skills such as:
- drawing blood
- placing catheters
- giving injections
- starting fluids
- assisting with anesthesia and surgeries under the mentor doctor’s direct supervision.
• Collect and interpret laboratory specimens.
• Learn how to order the appropriate diagnostic tests.
• Learn to establish effective therapeutic plans.
• Learn how to properly restrain dogs, cats and exotic pets for different medical procedures.
• Learn how to efficiently and effectively use hospital equipment.
• Learn how to charge appropriately for services provided and why this is important.
• Learn and practice effective client and team communication skills.
• Learn to work effectively with hospital associates and others critical to their success.
Access to:
  • Banfield Learning Center: online educational tool with educational tracks with learning modules (self-study courses) based on position. BLC courses are designed to help hospitals and Central Team Support gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary in offering highest quality care to pets and clients.
  • Banfield Library: online access to educational and reference materials.
  • Come prepared to learn and work hard to get the most out of the educational opportunity. Take initiative, actively seek experiences and ask questions.
  • Meet with mentor weekly to identify program expectations and create goals.
  • Learn all aspects of hospital organization and function by observing and participating in procedures with the mentor doctor.
  • Ensure the safety of pets, clients and associates by utilizing safe restraining techniques, following standard protocols, and maintaining clean, sterile and organized treatment areas, exam rooms and labs.
  • Provide professional, efficient and exceptional service at all times.
  • Act as the extra eyes, ears and hands for the veterinarian to ensure the best quality pet care.
Veterinarians will be available to students at all times during shifts, as students' schedules will parallel those of their mentors. Externs spend up to 40 hrs. per week at host hospitals, including some evenings and weekends.
Banfield Pet Hospital - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
355 Howe Avenue Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221
studentprograms [at] banfield [dot] net
Joe Fornara, DVM
Posted: 02/01/13