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Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis

Avian and Exotic
will participate in the daily clinical activities of a 100% exotic animal service.
Dr. Lennox - Dipl. ABVP, ECM (certified in avian & exotic companion mammal practice)
Exotic animal textbooks; internet access
Students are responsible for the primary care and evaluation of injured or orphaned wildlife brought to the clinic. Students may practice techniques & mock surgeries on available cadavers. Students will participate in the gneneral nursing care of our patients & client educatiuon after demonstrating adequate proficiency.
Monday-Thursday 8-6, Friday 8-4, Saturday 8-1. Student will be under supervision a all times.
Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of Indianapolis
9330 Waldemar Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Angela Lennox, DVM, Dipl. ABVP-Avian

Posted: 07/17/2013
Indianapolis, IN
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