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Diagnostic Imaging Externship (Radiology)
The student will perform clinical diagnostic imaging examinations on patients presented to the veterinary teaching hospital. They will have the opportunity to partcipate in radiology, ultrasound, special procedures, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.
  • 3 board certified (ACVR) radiologist
  • 2 board certified (CRT) radiation technologist
  • 2 diagnostic imaging residents
  • Multiple radiology rooms, 2 ultrasound machine (one for students use to learn on) PACS, multiple computer terminals in which to view images.
  • Multiple AVC students over the past 10 years have been accepted into radiology residencies. The AVC diagnostic imaging undergraduate training is extremely strong.
  • Rounds are provided everyday by the radiologist and radiology residents.
  • The library offers multiple journal and books and multiple journals and books regarding imaging are housed in the department.
  • Cases are coded for teaching purposes
  • Assist and perform routine and special radiogrpahic procedures.
  • Assist with ultrasound, CT and MRI procedures
  • Participate in student rounds
  • A handout is given at the beginning of the rotation.
Work hours are 8-430 or until the work is completed (rarely past 5pm)
At least one, often 3 radiologists are on clinic duty at a time and there are 2 diagnostic imaging residents available to provide guidance.
On campus residence hall can be contacted for availabilty. Students are also encouraged to stay with other vet students at AVC.
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