Animal Hospital of Sullivan County

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AAHA small animal practice in Ferndale New York.
Student can see what goes on daily in a country small animal practice. The practice has an in house lab, digital x-ray. We practice quality medicine and surgery. Dr. Bodolosky is a 1993 graduate of The Ohio State University.
In house lab, digital x-ray, tonopen, capability to get stat consults on x-rays and ekgs, well equipped surgical suite that includes a vettrans monitoring system, licensed experienced veterinary technicians, boarded internist that comes in to do ultrasounds, endoscopy, colonoscopies.
JAVMA, clinician briefs, capsule report, numerous books, vin, free consults with specialists from idexx and Cornell
Follow DVM around, do physical exams, look at skin cytologies, fecals, urinalysis, blood smears, come up with differential lists and treatment plans, read the most current literature on the most common diseases - skin, dental or what ever else I feel would be valuable for a budding veterinarian.
Barbara Bodolosky, DVM
7 hours/day
Animal Hospital of Sullivan County
667 Harris Road
Ferndale, NY 12734
845 292 6711
845 292 3818
bbodolosky [at] yahoo [dot] com
Barbara Bodolosky, DVM
Posted: 10/22/13