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Animal Eye Clinic


Shadowing Dr. Sullivan with all exams (=28 patients per day), all breeds, exotics and possibly zoo visits & equine experience. Students will be included in all clinical discussions, observing exams and will be called in to surgery to observe through the teaching scope when there is an interesting case.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Dr. Sullivan is a board certified veterinary Ophthalmologist
  • Dr. Matthew Landry, partner, is a board certified veterinary Ophthalmologist

    Educational Resources

    • journals
    • books, computer databases
    • continuing education activities


      • To dress professionally, arrive promptll
      • Observe with attending ophthalmologist and ask any & all questions re: cases presented
      • Have a true interest in ophthalmology

      Student Supervision

      5 days per week, 6-7 hours per day



      Practice Information

      Animal Eye Clinic
      5339 Roosevelt Way NE
      Seattle, WA 98105

      Ph: 206-524-8822
      Fx: 206-524-3551

      Updated: 4/22/09

      Signature on file: Dr. Thomas Sullivan

      Miscellaneous provider note:

      Animal Eye Clinic is so busy that we are not always available to accept students. We are 24/7 on call with only 2 doctors. Evaluation of student performance may take 3-4 weeks depending on patient load.


      Seattle, WA
      Elective categories: