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Animal Clinic Northview

and participating in surgeries - emergencies - reproduction surgical A
I's, semen collection and shipments and motility. Patient interaction
and daily routine of doctors with appointments.
Information not provided
Journals, magazines, vet reference books, computer internet, VIN, medical books
  • professional
    behvior with doctors and staff
  • professional attire
  • motivation to
    learn and participate
  • use educational tools here to their benefit
  • participate with the doctors in surgery and examinations
  • participate
    with patient and client care with doctors
  • maintain a level of interest
    in what our doctors have to offer and teach the students
  • be attentive
    to timeliness at the clinic and giving of time to learn
Tracy Thompson - Practice Manager

Monday through Saturday the student will have at least 11 hours of
access to several veterinarians from about 7:30am to 9pm and then there
will be 1 emergency doctor on staff through out the night every night
and all day on Sunday. We are a 24hr clinic we always have a doctor
here just during normal business houirs we have more.
Animal Clinic Northview
36400 Center RIdge Rd.

North Ridgeville, OH 44039
Tracy Thompson & Dr. Robert Hutchison
Updated: 02/09/11
North Ridgeville, OH
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