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All Animal Eye Services


The student would have experience with observing ophthalmic exams, as well as ocular ultrasounds, ERG tests, and surgeries including cataracts, enucleations, and conjunctival grafts. The student would have extensive exposure to the various medical therapies for treating all ocular diseases such as KCS, uveitis and glaucoma.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

All Animal Eye Services is a fully staffed ophthalmology practice that features two full time veterinary ophthalmologists as well as an ophthalmology resident. The practice is not limited to just dogs and cats. Ophthalmic exams and surgeries are routinely performed on equines as well as many exotic species of animals native to Australia.

    Educational Resources

    • Extensive Veterinary Ophthalmology Library
    • Video Library of Ophthalmic Surgeries
    • Veterinary Ophthalmology Journal
    • Internet access to extensive E-Library at Melbourne University


    It is expected that the student will be motivated to participate in ocular exams and the restraint of animals as well as show interest and ask questions regarding the treatment, management and surgery of cases, as well as be an active member of the ophthalmic support team.

    Student Supervision

    8 hours a day, 40 hours a week with weekends free


    Must find own housing; suggest

    Practice Information

    All Animal Eye Services
    5 Andrew Street
    Mt. Waverley, Victoria, Australia

    Ph: (03) 9808-2822
    Fax: (03) 9808-2844


    Updated: 1/21/09
    Signature on file: Dr. Andrew Turner

    Mt. Waverley, Victoria, Australia
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