Veterinary Medical Center is a "Cat Friendly Practice"

Veterinary Medical Center is a Cat Friendly PracticeThe American Association of Feline Practitioners has designated The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) as a “Cat Friendly Practice.”  

“As soon as we learned about the availability of this designation, we applied for it,” said Dr. Tony Buffington, professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, feline and nutrition expert. “We utilize low-stress handling techniques and have a cat-only ward to keep our feline friends separate from dogs. Both of these efforts helped us achieve this special designation.”

According to the website of the AAFP, the Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program was created to improve the treatment, handling and overall healthcare of cats in order to elevate the standard of care for feline patients. The CFP program utilizes an extensive self-assessment checklist to enable veterinary practices to overcome challenges that arise when owners bring cats to a veterinary practice. The goal is to provide a more positive and relaxed experience for clients and their cats.

“We are also able to train our students – future veterinarians – on the value of low-stress handling techniques and are happy to provide a separate ward for cats,” said Karin Zuckerman, director of the VMC. “Future expansion and enhancements planned for the VMC may include a separate waiting area just for cats as well.”

"I am so pleased with our commitment at the VMC to the standards of care that this designation recognizes,” said Dr. Buffington. “This brings the spirit of the Indoor Cat Initiative into our hospital."

The Indoor Cat Initiative is an on-line resource to provide cat owners with insights into cat behaviors and strategies for providing environmental stimulation to keep indoor-housed cats healthy and happy.

A full list of requirements for the AAFP CFP can be found at

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