The Priorities for the College of Veterinary Medicine

As the only comprehensive veterinary referral center in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia, Ohio State’s Veterinary Medical Center provides exceptional animal care, offered by our senior students and expert veterinarians. We have the largest Clinical Trials Office in the country, working to discover better treatments for animals. Our signature research programs in infectious diseases and cancer will improve the health of people and animals. Innovative discoveries occur every day in our specialty areas, which include orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, dermatology and many more.

Yet our aging medical facilities are inadequate.

To improve patient care, maintain our strong programs, and continue to recruit the best and brightest faculty, students, interns, and residents, we must expand and make substantial enhancements to the VMC. Please join us in our efforts to make this plan a reality.


Commitment to Care Campaign

  • Three month campaign
  • Goal to raise $2 million by December 31st 2015
  • For Enhancement and Expansion project



Enhancement and Expansion

  • Expanded client reception area
  • Additional exam and comfort rooms
  • Updated space for emergency and critical care
  • Improvements surgery suites 
  • New clinical areas for several specialties                                                      


Student Scholarships:

Student scholarships assure that at Ohio State, students come first. Ranked fifth among 28 veterinary
 colleges nationally, the College of Veterinary Medicine has continued its commitment to attract the most promising students, regardless of their ability to pay. Funding scholarships is an investment with an exponential effect, as each student’s life work touches countless animal and human lives with skillful, compassionate care.



Staff and Program Support:

The College of Veterinary Medicine has earned an international reputation for its signature programs and is recognized for advancements in the areas of comparative oncology, retrovirus research, and tick-borne disease. We pioneered programs in preventive medicine through our strengths in food safety, infectious diseases, and global health.

To maintain our trajectory on the path from excellence to eminence, the college must continue to excel in our recruitment of world-class faculty and in our support and development of stellar programs. Become a partner with us on this journey; please consider supporting our exceptional faculty and programs within the college

Dept. of Veterinary Biosciences

Dept. of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dept. of Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Ways to Give

Much more than just writing a check! You are encouraged to consider one of our donor giving options.

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But for Ohio StateBut for Ohio State and the College of Veterinary Medicine, the lives of countless animals and humans would not be as healthy or their future as bright. The college’s vision – creating a healthy and sustainable world for animals and people – is compassionate, compelling, and critical for us all. Learn more about our campaign priorities and join us as we continue to improve the lives of animals and humans: 

Veterinary Medical Center Enhancement and Expansion
Student Scholarships
Faculty and Program Support


If you find that our campaign priorities don’t reflect your personal interests, we have other additional funds that you may want to support. 

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