October 31, 2011

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

College Updates

We said an official goodbye to Dr. Michael Lairmore, who left Ohio State last week after a successful 21-year career with the College of Veterinary Medicine, to become the new dean at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. We wish him well on his new endeavors. We also welcome our newly appointed Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Dr. Patrick Green, professor in the Department of Veterinary Biosciences, and director of the Center for Retrovirus Research.

We recently met with Michael Boehm, vice provost for Academic and Strategic Planning, to follow up on the college's strategic plan. Our next steps are to further refine 18 metrics within our plan within the university's defined areas of Research/Discovery, Outreach, and Learning/Education; and set up a "score card" system to track our progress in these dimensions.

Last week we met with fundraisers from Stanford University as part of a roundtable discussion to launch "Big Ideas." It is helpful to learn about best practices outside Ohio State to gain insights as we develop our own big ideas, and move forward with the university's key themes.

Campus Updates and Partnerships

The seven health sciences deans met recently with Ohio State Provost Joe Alutto. We are continuing discussions about how to better unify the activities for the health sciences colleges, including new possibilities for inter-professional training, global health and integrated healthcare delivery. We need to remind all the health sciences of the importance of including veterinary medicine in these plans.

We recently met with Fisher College of Business Dean Christine Poon and Director of Curriculum Dr. Karen Wruck for discussions centered on collaborations between our two colleges. We are looking at methods to build better business skills and acumen in our veterinary students, and potentially provide similar opportunities for recent graduates. We are exploring a combined MBA/DVM degree; looking at a professional Master's degree in business; and considering the development of a business "minor," with a certificate that students could earn outside of the DVM curriculum.

As part of building our partnership with the Fisher College, we also serve on the Fisher College Technology and Commercialization Governance Board, which helps advise Brian Cummings, vice president for Technology Commercialization. The board reviews goals, policies, and strategies for the new Office of Technology Commercialization.

Dr. Pat Green and I met recently with Dr. Chandan Sen, associate dean for Research in the College of Medicine and a professor of surgery. He is working to develop a Center for Regenerative Medicine at Ohio State, and we are discussing potential roles and contributions from our college. Dr. Green will be putting together a faculty team to further explore this opportunity.

State and National Issues

The Infectious Diseases Society of American (ISDA) hosted their annual meeting last week. I had the opportunity to co-chair a session on One Health with Dr. Jim Hughes, professor of medicine in the Emory University School of Medicine, and past director of the Infectious Disease Division of the CDC. The IDSA publishes two important journals: Clinical Infectious Diseases and the Journal of Infectious Diseases. With almost 1,000 members – mostly physicians in human medicine – this is a critical audience to discuss One Health and collaboration with veterinary medicine.

Alumni and Fundraising

The Department of Veterinary Biosciences hosted a discussion and luncheon with a group of alumni from the department. Participants were primarily Ph.D. pathologists and pathology residents who expressed gratitude for the training they received at Ohio State. The career foundation provided by the college and department was instrumental their professional success. Congratulations to Dr. Michael Oglesbee, interim chair in Veterinary Biosciences for a successful event!

We recently met with Baker Associates to work on recruiting the new position of Chief of Advancement, which will bring together activities in development, communications, and alumni services. Baker is a search firm that will work with us and the College of Engineering, which is also recruiting a Director of Advancement. They will connect with professionals at corporations, foundations, and government agencies for suitable candidates for this position. We hope to finalize the process by the end of December.

Last Friday, our Capital Campaign Committee met and reviewed our progress, activities, and plans for the upcoming campaign. The fundraising target for the College of Veterinary Medicine is $92 million. We are indebted to our committee co-chairs Dr. Bob Hummel, Teckie Shackleford, and Barbara Trueman, as well as other members of the committee representing alumni, friends of the college, past donors, and corporations. Our three department chairs and our director of the Veterinary Medical Center– Dr. Michael Oglesbee, Veterinary Biosciences; Dr. Bill Saville, Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Dr. Rustin Moore, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and Karin Zuckerman, Veterinary Medical Center– are organizing mini-retreats to discuss faculty, staff, and student needs, with regard to the campaign. These discussions will help set college-wide priorities as we develop our plans to reach our fundraising goal.

And Now For Some Fun

Congratulations to the College of Veterinary Medicine Work-Life Committee for hosting the 12th Annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving festivities. We all appreciate this on-going event – and all the participants who make it possible! Congratulations also go to the winners of the pumpkin carving contest:

1st place, Dr. Bianca Hetlich, assistant professor in Veterinary Clinical Sciences (Small Animal Surgery); 2nd place, Jeannette Schmidt, assistant to the director of the Veterinary Medical Center; and 3rd place, Kentee Warner, registered veterinary technician in the Oncology Service in the VMC. I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and a successful trick and treat night.

I want to wish all our students the best of luck during this mid-term week. It's hard to believe that we are already half-way through fall quarter!

Dean Lonnie King