October 11, 2007

In the News

Volume 2, Issue 5
Thursday, October 11, 2007

"News and Events" is a bi-weekly briefing from Melissa Weber in the CVM Communications & Marketing office. If you have news items or comments, please send them to weber [dot] 254 [at] osu [dot] edu (subject: News%20%26%20Events%20Newsletter) or give me a call at 614-292-3752.

Stories Today

Feline virus, antiviral drug studied to understand drug resistance

Researchers at Ohio State will spend the next two years testing their theories about just how an AIDS-like virus in cats is able to resist the powerful medicines that are thrown against it. It's one of the latest efforts at understanding one of the leading problem areas in medicine today - antimicrobial drug resistance. When bacteria or viruses become resistant to drugs, they become more difficult, or even impossible, to treat. If successful, the research might pave the way to smarter, more effective treatments for a host of pathogens that have learned to resist most therapeutic efforts. Lawrence Mathes, OSU professor of veterinary biosciences and associate dean for research and graduate studies in the College of Veterinary Medicine, is the principal investigator on the project. Read more


American Kellen Club Awards Grant

Drs. Linda Lord, William Kisseberth, Laura Rush and Cheryl London received $10,335 by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation for their proposal "Analysis of canine urine and plasma for anthocyanins and ellagic acid in 10 healthy dogs fed freeze-dried black raspberries for a one week feeding trial."


Potential Protest Planned for Today

University Relations let us know that members of POET (Protect Our Earth's Treasures) plan to picket in front of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital on Thursday evening, protesting the use of animals in research. We expect a very small group and we plan to avoid engaging them in conversation in this venue. If you receive any media inquires, or if you have any questions or concerns, please refer them to Melissa Weber, 614-292-3752 or cell phone 614-327-6024.


Graduate Student Presents Research in Germany

Cheryl Bolinger of the Boris-Lawrie Lab presented her research poster entitled "RNA helicase A is necessary for translation of selected complex mRNAs" at the Protein Synthesis and Translation Control conference held in Heidelberg, Germany September 12th -16th. The conference was sponsored by the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) in partnership with Cold Spring Harbor laboratories. Travel funding included an award to Cheryl from the 2007 College Research Day competition.


Vet Med in the News

CNN.com Story Features Our Web Site

An article on pet obesity referred to our Web site and our "Body Condition Scoring Chart" to help pet owners determine if they are "Loving their pets into an early grave."

Read the article.

EHD Continues to Make News Across the State


Dr. William Shulaw, Professor in Veterinary Preventive Medicine and an Extension Veterinarian, continues to be called on as the expert in the expanding outbreak of EHD. His article, "Report Cattle Illnesses to Keep Diseases Under Control," is now available in many different locations:


Upcoming Events

Retrovirus Lab Meeting Seminar

  • Dr. Massimo Palmarini, Chair of Molecular Pathogenesis at the Institute of Comparative Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow will visit the College of Veterinary Medicine on Wednesday, October 17. He will give the Retrovirus Lab Meeting seminar at 9 am in Goss 322. Professor Palmarini is a veterinary scientist and world-leading expert in viral pathogenesis. His ground-breaking work with retroviruses in mammals has significantly enhanced the understanding of the biology of retroviruses.

The Horse, A Mirror of Man: Parallels in Early Human and Horse Medicine

  • October 17-31, Veterinary Medicine Library, 2nd floor VMAB
    The National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health is loaning the College of Veterinary Medicine a mini-exhibition about the history of medicine through the study of the horse. In addition to showing the historical study of anatomy, the exhibit also demonstrates an early example of "one medicine."
    More information.

Wexner Offers William Wegman Exhibit: Funney/Strange

September 20 - December 30

  • Wegman visited Veterinary Teaching Hospital
    William Wegman took a tour of the College of Veterinary Medicine on September 19 while visiting campus for the grand opening of his Funney/Strange exhibit. According to Sherri Geldin, Director of the Wexner Center, he was "thrilled to tour the facilities, and (she) was fascinated to see the extraordinary operation (we have)." As always, thanks to all of you in the Veterinary Medical Center who always have the patience to help make giving tours interesting and easy.
  • Why We Like Dogs (and They Like Us), November 1, 4:30 p.m.
    Wexner Center Film/Video Theater
    Dr. James Serpell, a leading expert in the study of human-animal interactions, will discuss the mutually beneficial relationships between owners and their dogs in relation to Wegman’s. His talk is presented in special collaboration with the College of Veterinary Medicine. Serpell is Professor of Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare, and Director of the Center for the Interaction of Animals & Society at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine. He is the author of many influential books and articles, including In the Company of Animals and The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People.
  • College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni reception
    Alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine, and their guests, are invited to enjoy a reception and private tours of the Wegman Funney/Strange exhibit. The reception will be held on Wednesday, December 12 from 5 – 7 p.m. with refreshments in the Wexner Café. Tours will be led by Wexner guides at 5:30 and 6. Please call Dr. Michelle Harcha with questions at 614-292-9296 or RSVP by December 7 to vetmedreply [at] osu [dot] edu


News Across Campus

October is National Work/Life Month

Your office of Human Resources want to remind you that the University will be hosting several important events, including a variety of free workshops designed to improve and integrate work and life. All faculty and staff are encouraged to attend one of these sessions. Please check out the Office of Human Resources website for a calendar of events and more information. The College of Veterinary Medicine, with your help and action, has made important strides in women's progress, especially in relation to quality of life and faculty & staff hiring and recruiting.

Want Music Lessons for You or Your Children?

Two great musicians have opened their own studio for piano and guitar. Kevin and Jen Holland both hold degrees in music from Ohio State. If interested, check it out at their website.

Composites and Scaffolds for Calcified Tissue Regeneration

On Wednesday, October 17, 2007, the College of Dentistry's Distinguished Lecturer, Antoni P. Tomsia, Ph.D., will speak from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Medical Heritage Center on the 5th Floor of the John A. Prior Health Sciences Library. Dr. Tomsia, Senior Scientist of the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Division of Materials Sciences, will discuss: "Composites and Scaffolds for Calcified Tissue Regeneration." The need for organ regeneration is being partly addressed by transplantation, but Tomsia believes the development of a systematic method to generate new organs would truly transform medicine. In his lecture, he will be focusing on the design, synthesis and fabrication of artificial tooth- and bone-like composites, and the development of novel strategies for calcified tissue regeneration using natural materials such as nacre, bone or tooth as a guide. These materials are frequently used as examples for how nature achieves strong and tough materials made out of weak components through careful architectural control. This event is sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Department of Research and is open to the public.