Greyhound Health and Wellness Program aids Guam dogs

Adoption event featured on Channel 10

2009 College of Veterinary Medicine awards

The 2009 College of Veterinary Medicine awards will be presented at the Oath and Hooding Ceremony on Saturday, June 13 at 8 P.M. in Mershon Auditorium. The Zoetis (formally Pfizer) Research Award and David White Research Award are chosen from nominations received by the Council of Research. The other award catagories' nominations are presented to the College Honors and Awards Committee who then votes and submits the names to the dean for approval. Please take the time to congratulate these outstanding faculty on receiving these honors.

Ohio State offers swine flu expertise

WOOSTER, Ohio - An Ohio State University animal health expert with Ohio State's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center is available to comment on the swine flu outbreak.

The center's Food Animal Health Research Program is the only Ohio State lab working on swine flu, said Mo Saif, head of the program and assistant dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine. The program's interest mainly lies in the transmission of influenza viruses between different species including poultry and swine.

2009 Center for Retrovirus Research Distinguished Career Award

Last Thursday the 2009 Center for Retrovirus Research Distinguished Research Career Award was presented to Dr. Irvin S. Y. Chen, Director of the UCLA AIDS Institute and Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and Medicine at the UCLS School of Medicine. Dr. Chen is an internationally renowned investigator in cancer and AIDS research, and has made significant scientific contributions to the study of the human retroviruses. Dr.

Vet student featured on Big 10 Network

Fourth-year Kristin Couts shares her day

Ohio State SCAVMA chapter wins award for Josh Project

Each year veterinary students from across the country compete to raise money for the Josh Project Charity. All efforts culminate at the SAVMA symposium where the winners are announced. The Ohio State's SCAVMA chapter started fundraising last year and was awarded third place nationally at this year's Symposium held at Ohio State. Go Bucks!

Horse racing presentation available online

Dr. Mary Scollay presented, "Horse Racing at the Crossroads and in the Crosshairs"

El programa de salud y bienestar del greyhound elimina la barrera idiomática

Columbus, OH -- Cada año el Dr. Guillermo Couto y un grupo de estudiantes de la Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria de la Universidad Estatal de Ohio, viaja al refugio animal Scooby, en Medina del Campo, España. Y mientras prestan ayuda a animales heridos y a Galgos (Greyhound español), también establecen buenas relaciones con veterinarios y estudiantes españoles, algunos con un nivel limitado de inglés.