BIOS Newsletter: September 2008

Dr. Nong Inpanbutr leads International Studies in Thailand, Summer Research Program, Announcements, Staff Profile...

Dr. Ching-Shih Chen OSU HDAC42 Project with Dr. Aaron Sargeant

NBC Channel 4 news segment on OSU research into prostate cancer prevention

BIOS Newsletter: August 2008

Dr. Rosol chosen to serve on ASBMR Science Policy Committee; Dr. Young C. Lin research shows gains to stop cancer growth; Workplace tip; Selected grants, publications, awards, and appointments; Staff profile...

BIOS Newsletter: July 2008

NCI funds $10.9 million for Retrovirus Models of Cancer; Events; Grants, publications etc.; staff profile...

December 19, 2006

Volume 1, Issue 6

BIOS Newsletter: June 2008

New faculty hires enhance pathology experience; Events and programs

BIOS Newsletter: February 2008

Dr. Ian Davis Receives Grant to Study RSV Therapy, Recent Grants, Publications, Presentations, Awards and Appointments, Staff Profile: Laetitia Bramoulle-Hirt...

BIOS Newsletter: May 2008

VBS Graduate Program Rated Among the Best at OSU; Events and programs; Wellness tip; Staff profile...

March 31, 2008

Volume 2, Issue 10