BIOS Newsletter: July 2011


Dr. Robert Hamlin Retires After 50 Years of Teaching; 2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards Winners: Drs. Gary Cockerell & Donald Meuten; Dr. Jerry Masty Selected to Participate in the Mid-Career & Senior Faculty Learning Program; 2011 VBS Graduate Student Seminar and Publication Awards; Selected Publications, Presentations, and New Students; Staff Feature: Yaoling Shu; Announcements; Wellness News: July is National Ice Cream Month

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: June 2011

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News at the College

Veterinary Medical Center Partners with Midmark Corporation

The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center is partnering with Midmark Corporation in Versailles, Ohio to increase education in periodontal disease and pet dental services for veterinary

Research News: July 2011


  • Dr. Niewiesk's Research Cover of Blood
  • Dr. Hoet Infection Control in the Clinic
  • Dr.

How Curing Cancer in Dogs at Ohio State Helps Humans, Too

In honor of February 4, World Cancer Day, we celebrate cancer survivors of all species!

COLUMBUS, Ohio (JULY 2011) – Man’s best friend is helping us to better understand cancer in humans. (Video preview available from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Veterinary Medical Center Partners with Midmark Corporation

Increasing education in periodontal disease and pet dental services

Midmark Partnership
Back Row: Mr. Pete Wenning, Mr. Matt Bourne, Dr. Wendy Lorch, Dr. Michael Sturgeon, Mr. Mike Walker,
Dr. Rob Klamar, Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, Karin Zuckerman, Dr. Rustin Moore
Front Row: Dr. Lonnie King, Dr. Lynette Cole, Michelle Dumond

New Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Linda LordDr. Linda Lord begins her new position as the associate dean for Student Affairs at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine today, July 1, 2011. Dr. Lord succeeds Dr. Jean Sander who is leaving Ohio State for her newly accepted position as the Dean of the Center for Veterinary Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University.

Spring 2011


  • Ohio State leads the first International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface (ICOPHAI): Impact, Limitations and Needs
  • Thank you- Global Health Seminar series speakers
  • Welcome "One Health" Eastern Africa Scholars to Ohio State
  • Collaborating with the Global Veterinary Public Health Network (SAPUVETNET)
  • Ohio State students to embark on summer Global Service Learning projects Ohio State and UMN Farm-to-Table Study Program in Costa Rica
  • MOU signed between Ohio State and UNICEN, Argentina
  • Xinjian

Winter 2011


  • Veterinary Preventive Medicine hosting Cochran Fellows from Armenia and Georgia
  • BETHA Service learning Opportunity in Eastern Africa
  • "One Health" Eastern Africa Scholars to arrive at Ohio State
  • CVM partners with WHO in Global Food Infection Network (GFN)
  • Global Food Systems: Experiential Learning in Action, the Uruguayan Example
  • ILRI Biosciences eastern and central Africa (BecA) Hub Officially inaugurated
  • "Opportunities in Global Vet Med and Public Health (VPM 693)" VPM693- updates
  • Funding Opportunit

College of Veterinary Medicine study advances lung cancer research

A new study led by Dr. Gwendolen Lorch, assistant professor of veterinary clinical sciences, revealed a vital factor that can lead to complications in patients with certain forms of lethal lung cancer. It was originally thought that the protein, known as a calcium-sensing receptor, did not exist in human lung tissue. However, Dr. Lorch’s research has revealed that the receptor is in fact found in normal and cancerous lung tissue.  Dr.

BIOS Newsletter: June 2011


Dr. Stefan Niewiesk & Dhohyung Kim Illustration Makes the June Cover of Blood; VBS Graduate Students Award Winners: Lyn Wancket & Beth Chaffee; 2011 Larry Lewellen Award Winners: Dr. Famke Aeffner & Janelle Henderson; Outreach and Engagement: Dr. Judith Radin Team Wins Robotic Championship; Selected Publications, Presentations, and Graduations; Staff Feature: Zhihui Cheng; Announcements; Wellness News: June is Great Outdoors Month