Connect to Veterinary Medicine - November 2014

News at the College and VMC

National Cancer Institute awards $8.6 million to retrovirus center

Thanks to an $8.6 million program project grant from the National Cancer Institute, experts at the College of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Retrovirus Research are closely studying retroviral forms of cancer in a five-year study. The investigative team, led by Director of the Center of Retrovirus Research and the project's principal investigator Dr.

Issue Ten: November 2014

Welcome to the 10th edition of Behavior News, a semi-annual newsletter designed to keep veterinary staff and other animal handlers up to date on current behavior recommendations for companion animals. In this issue we pay tribute to a colleague who dedicated her life to changing the lives of many veterinarians and their patients for the better. We also offer insight into a few new books and pet products.

BIOS Newsletter: October 2014

Building on a legacy of trainee excellence; Retroviral Models of Cancer - Program Project Grant; International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service; Spotlights: Discovery and Scholarship; Sharing new knowledge; In the news; Did you know?; How doctors think...

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BIOS Newsletter: September 2014

Discovery Theme proposal moves forward; Spotlights: Discovery and Scholarship; Figuring out how life grants; Training the next generation; In the News; Sharing new knowledge; ACVP Council; Mentoring, teaching, coaching, advising

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BIOS Newsletter: July/August 2014

Distinguished University Professor; Dr. Li Wu receives a two-year NIH grant to study T-cell lymphoma; Resident news; Life Sciences Network hosts first workshop aimed at Students/PostDocs; Awards, presentations and recent publications

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BIOS Newsletter: May/June 2014

T35 Training Grant; 2014 Anatomic Pathology Resident Graduates; 5 Year NIH Grant; Travel Awards; OSU HHMI Fellowship; VBS Research Seminar; Awards and Presentations; Recent Publications

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BIOS Newsletter: Winter 2014

Faculty spotlight; Awards; Publications

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Dean Lonnie J. King named chair of national Task Force on Antibiotic Resistance in Production Agriculture

Posted Nov. 7, 2014

Dr. Lonnie J. King, Dean of Ohio State's College of Veterinary MedicineA Task Force on Antibiotic Resistance in Production Agriculture was established Nov.

November - December 2014

Clinical Trials: The Leading Edge of Veterinary Medicine; A Potential New Therapy for Mast Cell Tumors; Safe Spinal Surgeries; Testing Equine Osteoarthritis, Desmitis and Tendonitis with Stem Cells; VMC Breaks Ground

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