BIOS newsletter

BIOS Newsletter: June 2015

Our Educational Mission; Distinguished alum Salvador Butera; Contributing to our service and outreach mission; Trainee Awards - Kudos

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BIOS Newsletter: February 2015

Clinical Trials Office and Biospecimen Repository; Dr. Thomas Rosol named to committee for the National Academy of Sciences; Discovery Themes Initiative - Infectious Disease Focus Area

BIOS Newsletter: December 2014

Strategic University Partnerships Drive Excellence; Dr. Yasuko Rikihisa 2014 National Academy of Inventors Fellow; Dr. Michael Oglesbee - 2014 Class of AAAS Fellows

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BIOS Newsletter: October 2014

Building on a legacy of trainee excellence; Retroviral Models of Cancer - Program Project Grant; International Veterinary Renal Pathology Service; Spotlights: Discovery and Scholarship; Sharing new knowledge; In the news; Did you know?; How doctors think...

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BIOS Newsletter: September 2014

Discovery Theme proposal moves forward; Spotlights: Discovery and Scholarship; Figuring out how life grants; Training the next generation; In the News; Sharing new knowledge; ACVP Council; Mentoring, teaching, coaching, advising

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BIOS Newsletter: July/August 2014

Distinguished University Professor; Dr. Li Wu receives a two-year NIH grant to study T-cell lymphoma; Resident news; Life Sciences Network hosts first workshop aimed at Students/PostDocs; Awards, presentations and recent publications

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BIOS Newsletter: May/June 2014

T35 Training Grant; 2014 Anatomic Pathology Resident Graduates; 5 Year NIH Grant; Travel Awards; OSU HHMI Fellowship; VBS Research Seminar; Awards and Presentations; Recent Publications

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BIOS Newsletter: Winter 2014

Faculty spotlight; Awards; Publications

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BIOS Newsletter: September 2013

New faculty members; Dr. Rosol joins AVMA Council on Research; Dr. Wu receives Pilot grant; Dr. Olson; Dr. Clark awarded T-32 grant; Barber Fellowships; Meetings; Publications

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BIOS Newsletter: Summer 2013

Dr. Li Wu granted NIH R01 funding; Dr. Aeffner wins Merial Research Award; faculty promotions; welcome new residents; Dr. Rosol presents in Japan; publicaions

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