Research News

Research News: Autumn 2012

Clinical Trials office expansion; Building bridges with Battelle; Commercialization office material transfer agreements; Funding opportunities; Council for Research update; Summer Research Program; Recent publications and grants; Celebration of Research 2012; Things you should know; Training opportunities;

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Research News: September 2011


Dean King names Dr. Pat Green as new Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies; Research Expo 2011; Commercialization Office - Update; Focus on Shared Resources; Council for Research - Update; Summer Research Program - Update; Recent Publications/Grants; Upcoming Seminars; Grant Support Office - Update; Upcoming Funding Opportunities; Things You Should Know...

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Research News: August 2011


  • Morris Animal Foundation awards two grants to CVM investigators
  • Dr.

Research News: July 2011


  • Dr. Niewiesk's Research Cover of Blood
  • Dr. Hoet Infection Control in the Clinic
  • Dr.

Research News: June 2011


  • Successful CVM Summer Vet Student Program starts 8th season
  • Feature: Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource
  • CVM Council for Research Update - New Equine Grant Program
  • Vet Student Summer Program Update
  • Recent Grant Awards and Publications
  • Upcoming Seminars and Workshops
  • Grant Support Office Update
    • Projects
    • Funding Opportunities
    • Policy Updates - NIH Fiscal Policy for FY2011
    • What You Need to Know - Training Requirements for Investigators/Office of Research Risks and Protecti

Research News: May 2011

  • News
    • Research Week – Summary
    • Dr. Ian Davis to present his work at the TechConnect Conference
    • Center for Retrovirus Research Distinguished Career Award
    • Dr. Chelsea Martin wins National Phi Zeta Manuscript Award
    • Dr. Natalie Tabacca wins Dermatology Resident Research Award
    • Dr.

Year in Review - Research Day 2011

  • Speakers
  • Industrial and Commercialization Advisory Panel
  • Research Mission
  • Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases
  • More...

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Research News: April 2011

  • News
    • Advances in Veterinary Medicine Research Week
    • Dr. Couto and team awarded DoD Idea grant
    • Dr. Niewiesk's research featured in the Columbus Dispatch
    • Dr.

Research News: March 2011

  • News
    • Drs. Boris-Lawrie and Lairmore elected as American Academy of Microbiology Fellows
    • Dr. Rikihisa semi-finalist for TechColumbus Inventor of the Year
    • Dr. da Costa receives funds to study "Wobbler" syndrome
    • Dr.

Research News: February 2011

  • News
    • Drs. Buffington and Lord study feature in the Columbus Dispatch
    • Dr. Jim Belknap and Dr. Aradhya Gourapura receive CCTS Pilot grants
    • Dr. Rosol to represent AVMA as liaison to the American Registry of Pathology
    • OSU Policy on Conflict of Interest – Office of Academic Affairs
  • Commercialization and Licensing Update: Dr.