2012 News

BIOS Newsletter: August 2012

Dr. Li Wu awarded a two-year NIH R21 grant; VBS faculty leadership positions in ACVP; Dr. Thomas Rosol attended the MBI workshop; Dr. Thomas Rosol elected to serve a 3rd term on The Wilds board of trustees; VBS highlights for August; Announcements; Wellness news...

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Distinguished Staff Awards

This year’s Distinguished Staff Awards were presented at the College Appreciation luncheon on July 31. The awards recognize staff members who have had five years of continuous service for exceptional accomplishments, leadership, and service to the college community. This year’s awards went to Kathleen Hayes-Ozello, Ann Sanders, Lorri Noce, and April Pugh. Congratulations!

Please Welcome the Class of 2016!

Class of 2016

From more than 6,300 applicants to colleges of veterinary medicine across the nation, 162 top-notch students were chosen for the Class of 2016 at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ranging in age from 20 to 48, there are 132 females and 30 males who will join the college, beginning classes on August 22 in the new semester format.

Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center to Open 24/7 Companion Animal Emergency and Referral/Specialty Satellite Hospital

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is announcing plans to open The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) in Dublin. The new facility, which will be a 24-hour companion animal emergency and referral/specialty hospital, is projected to open in spring 2013. The 10,000 square-foot-facility will be located at 5020 Bradenton Ave. in Dublin.

President Gee visits College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni

"We are the state’s university," said President E. Gordon Gee. "So you might say the state is our campus, and we need to be in every part of the state to tell our gospel." Dr. Gee travels every summer to counties throughout Ohio, visiting with alumni and students, touring Ohio-based businesses and meeting with community leaders. 

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: August 2012

News at the College

Resident and Intern Certificate Presentation and Awards Ceremony

On June 29, the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and the Veterinary Medical Center held the 2012 Resident and Intern Certificate Presentation and Reception at the Ohio Union. This annual event, attended by over 170 people, is a celebration of the success and achievement of our residents and interns, and marks the culmination of one phase of their careers.

July - August 2012

From the director; New technology promises better, shorter surgeries; New equipment upgrades in radiology; Cementless total hip replacement; Retirements this Summer.

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BIOS Newsletter: July 2012

Dr. Steve Krakowka retires after 41 years of service; 2011-2012 VBS Distinguished Graduate Awards; VCS Highlights for July; Announcements; Wellness News...

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Tips on avoiding heat stroke and a trip to the emergency room

Summer is in full swing and heat waves are starting to take their toll on humans and animals alike. During periods of extreme heat, taking your dog jogging or running errands can result in heat stroke, turning a normal outing into a crisis situation. Unlike humans, dogs do not possess sweat glands and their fur naturally traps heat. Panting is their main method of cooling down, but excessive panting, a natural reaction to overheating, can lead to further fluid loss and dehydration.