2011 News

Joe Esch receives Board of Trustees Award

Joe Esch, third year veterinary student, received the Board of Trustees Student Recognition Award. Joe was recognized for his academic excellence and outstanding leadership. He has been involved in serving other students since his high school days in Springfield, MA. While an undergraduate at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, he was also involved in many student organizations.

Women in Veterinary Medicine featured in Columbus Dispatch

From left to right: Dr. Clare Allen, Dr. Rebecca PentecostAn article exploring issues including the increasing number of women in the Veterinary Medicine field as well as a recent report from the AVMA was featured in the Columbus Dispatch on Friday, February 4. Doctors' Clare Allen and Rebecca Pentecost were both interviewed.

Winter 2011 - Immunology Round Table


  • Benefits of membership
  • Keep current on IRT events
  • Winter speakers needed
  • Grant help
  • Committee help

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National Pet Dental Health Month

National Dental Health Month ImageFebruary is National Pet Dental Health Month. People brush their teeth every day, and the same should be true of your pets. Only about 2 percent of dog owners actually follow through by putting brush and paste to teeth.

Class of 1970 supports new Communication and Learning Center

Good veterinarians must be experts in cutting-edge animal medicine, and an education from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine has long instilled such skills.

Great veterinarians, however, must know how to share that knowledge with clients; listening and talking to pet owners with both clarity and compassion.

And a gift from the Veterinary College's Class of 1970 will ensure future graduates begin their careers with those skills as well.

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: January 2011

Welcome to the January 2011 edition of the Connect to Veterinary Medicine, the latest news and information from the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University.

Research News: February 2011

  • News
    • Drs. Buffington and Lord study feature in the Columbus Dispatch
    • Dr. Jim Belknap and Dr. Aradhya Gourapura receive CCTS Pilot grants
    • Dr. Rosol to represent AVMA as liaison to the American Registry of Pathology
    • OSU Policy on Conflict of Interest – Office of Academic Affairs
  • Commercialization and Licensing Update: Dr.

UPDATE: Gallia County K9 officer returns home

Jeck with Dr. Goodnight recovering from surgery The Gallia County K9 that was stabbed Friday, January 21 in the early morning hours in Vinton County was released Saturday morning from the Veterinary Medical Center. Jeck underwent surgery Friday to repair neck wounds and will be following up with his veterinarian at home.

BIOS Newsletter: January 2011

NIH grant to renovate lab space in Goss Laboratory; Osteoporosis drug reduces bone loss, tumor size in oral cancer; Selected publications...; Staff feature; Announcements; Wellness news...

Veterinary Medical Center News: Fall 2010

Go behind the scenes at the Hospital for Companion Animals; Revolutionary procedure helps heal bones; Common behavior can cause painful condition in alpacas; Field dog recovers from infection due to migrating grass seed; Specialized care leads to supportive gift...