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Buckeyes Hiring Buckeyes: Connecting Alumni and Students to Build Lasting Partnerships

Dr. Mallory TitlerThe Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine boasts an impressive network
of alumni employed in all 50 states and around the world. Current students and recent
graduates of the college are lucky to have a vast resource of mentors, role models, and
potential employers from which to seek career guidance and professional advice. The
Office of Career Management works to connect alumni and students and build lasting
bonds within the veterinary Buckeye community by partnering with alumni to host career
development events for students and posting their employment opportunities. When
Buckeyes hire and mentor fellow Buckeyes, they contribute to a cycle of continued support that will ultimately benefit Ohio State veterinary students for many years to

Dr. Anthony Potorti is a 1987 graduate of The Ohio State College of Veterinary
Medicine. When he had two openings at his large animal practice, he contacted The
Office of Career Management to post the employment opportunity. He interviewed
candidates from veterinary schools across the country and around the world. None were
as impressive as Dr. Mallory Titler and Dr. Alexander de Roziere, 2014 graduates of
The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine, who joined his team following their
graduation from the college in May.

Dr. Alexander de RoziereAccording to Dr. Potorti, Dr. Titler and Dr. de Roziere stood out from the other
candidates in many ways. “Ohio State students are obviously more finished and ready
for practice,” he said. “They are better prepared to perform a thorough physical exam,
take a good history, develop a differential diagnosis, and work through a case logically
and systematically when they graduate. This has not been true for several students
from other schools I have hired in the past. I think this is a result of not only good
instruction, but exposure to a larger and varied caseload versus other schools.”

Dr. Tod Beckett, class of 1989, also hires current students for part time and summer
employment. Alumni working with current students is beneficial because they have been
through similar training, he says. “They are getting the same fundamental training I did
when I was in veterinary school at Ohio State, so I know where they are in their training
and where they need to be with a couple more years of school. I help students make the
vast amount of data they get in school relevant in a clinical case environment and
challenge them to think like a doctor,” he said.

Dr. Beckett continues to give back to current students thanks to the knowledge he
gained from his own mentors. “I had great alumni mentors that taught me to be a good veterinarian,” he said. “I learned as much my first year out of school as I did my last two
years in veterinary school thanks to great Ohio State alumni mentoring and teaching me
the art of being a well-rounded veterinarian.”Dr. Melanie Cox

Melanie Cox, a member of the class of 2016, has worked with Dr. Beckett for the past
two years. “I found the opportunity to work with Dr. Beckett when I was searching for
externships during my first year,” said Cox. “I saw that the VCA hospitals had an
externship program and I applied to be an extern. After externing with Dr. Beckett that
summer, he invited me to shadow whenever I wanted to, which I have taken advantage
of on my school breaks.”

Cox says there are many benefits to working with a fellow Buckeye: “The biggest
advantage is that Dr. Beckett can relate to what being a vet student at Ohio State is like
in terms of the academic standards, techniques taught, and the work load. I have also
externed with other Ohio State graduates and there is a strong sense of camaraderie.
Dr. Beckett has a great network of other alumni who can assist in career advancement
and networking opportunities, and that has been a great help as well.”

Dr. Todd BeckettDr. Potorti and Dr. Beckett are both giving back to students and recent graduates in
important ways. As mentoring becomes more prominent in the workplace, Dr. Portorti
believes it is important for veterinarians to support each other and current students.
“Any professional with several years of experience needs to share that knowledge base
with younger students of their profession,” he said. “It aids our patients, clients and the
profession as a whole. It helps to improve our quality of care. Younger professionals
bring with them a wealth of new knowledge and enthusiasm as well to share with the
practice. If handled properly, the mentor and the student can learn volumes from each


Dr. Melanie Cox with Career Management RepresentativeThe Office of Career Management holds a number of events each year, including the
Homecoming-Reunion Weekend Networking Luncheon where current students can
learn about the many career paths of Ohio State veterinary alumni. They work in
partnership with the Office of Advancement to continue the cycle of support between
alumni, students, and the college. “Assistant Director of Career Management Amanda
Fark and The Office of Career Management have played a vital role in the career
development of our students and alumni,” said Director of Development Danielle Ford.
“The entire office has been a wonderful addition to the college and offers a much
needed service. They are the connecting force between our alumni and students, and
we could not be more proud of the partnerships built in just over a year.”


Posted May 15, 2014