Coble, Dondrae

Dr. Coble

Dondrae Coble, DVM
Diplomate ACLAM

Associate Professor - Clinical, Veterinary Preventive Medicine
Clinical Veterinarian, University Laboratory Animal Resources

Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine
University Laboratory Animal Resources
The Ohio State University
111 Wiseman Hall
400 W 12th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Ph: (614) 292-4906
Fx: (614) 292-9282
coble [dot] 27 [at] osu [dot] edu

Professional Training and Experience

  • DVM

Research Interests

  • Stereotypic and self-injurious behavior in laboratory animals
  • Postoperative analgesia in Xenopus laevis (African-clawed frog)
  • Implementation of the three R's (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement) in biomedical research