Clinical Trials


The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) provides assistance in the design, execution, and evaluation of veterinary clinical trials using client-owned animals, with the overriding goal of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of disease in veterinary patients while enhancing the health of humans.
Clinical trials represent the cutting edge of medicine: research expertise meets new treatments and improved outcomes, including an improved understanding of the diseases that affect our animals and best friends.


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Dogs and children share more than just messy hair and boundless energy. Both get osteosarcoma, and despite aggressive treatment, 90% of dogs and more than 30% of children will eventually die from this disease.

Read more about how you can help the ongoing efforts between Naitonwide Childrens's Hosptial and The Ohio State University Colleges of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to advance research and develope new treatments for both animals and people who suffer from bone cancer.

Spotlight Patient

Feb. 11, 2015


Kaleigh Peters will tell you that her dog Macy is a typical Doberman. “She’s very smart,” Kaleigh said, adding how the 8-year-old pup loves people, knows lots of tricks, is great with kids and was easy to train.

Unfortunately, Macy has a history of chronic lameness that worsened after activity, causing her to limp. Concerned, Kaleigh scheduled an appointment for Macy with the Veterinary Medical Center’s Orthopedic Service, where she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

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