The Vevo 660™ offers real time, high resolution imaging that is optimized for small animal research. The Vevo 660™ Imaging System consists of a 30-55 MHz RMV™ scanhead designed for real-time imaging at spatial axial resolution of 30-70 microns and temporal resolution at 30 frames per second, an ultrasound instrument unit mounted on a rolling cart with a monitor and a computer system for data acquisition and analysis, a Vevo integrated rail system for quick setup, alignment and image-guided needle injection, and a Vevo anesthesia system for convenient mouse handling. The system is capable of non-invasive, in vivo visualization of anatomic structures and microcirculation, storing the images, and displaying them for subsequent analysis. VisualSonics is the world leading developer of real-time, high resolution ultrasound imaging. Through its proprietary RMV™ technology, it enables small animal researchers to obtain unprecedented resolution for real time imaging.