Surgical Research Laboratory

The Surgical Research Laboratory occupies approximately 1,000 square feet within the basement of the Veterinary Medical Center at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Facilities within the Surgical Research Laboratory include:

Cell and Molecular Biology

  • Cell culture facility: Incubators, laminar flow biological safety cabinet; inverted microscope; centrifuges; liquid nitrogen storage system; ultra-low temperature freezer
  • Cell-based assays: Multiformat plate reader (Molecular Devices M2e, equipped for photometry, luminometry and fluorescence); Eppendorf microcentrifuge; water bath; 37°C incubator

Tissue Processing

  • Downdraft necropsy table; Mar-Med bone saw; Stryker autopsy saw; Buehler Isomet 4000 high-speed saw

Undecalcified Histology

  • EXAKT 340 CP diamond saw; EXAKT UV polymerization unit; EXAKT microgrinder

Microscopy and histomorphometry

  • Nikon Eclipse 80i light/epifluorescent research microscope; Nikon AZ-100 stereo dissecting microscope; QImaging Retiga 12-bit color CCD camera; Bioquant OsteoII image analysis software

Musculoskeletal Imaging

  • Faxitron LX-60 (within the Small Animal Imaging Core); Lunar Prodigy DEXA scanner; MIMICS v. 12.0 image visualization software for 3-dimensional rendering of CT and MRI data

Mechanical Testing

  • MTS Insight 1 (50N to 1kN) with TestWorks
  • Northern Digital Instruments "Polaris Vicra" optical tracking system with custom tool development kit

Gait assessment

  • TekScan high-resolution pressure-sensitive walkway; Kistler Model 1287A force platform

Surgical Instrumentation

  • BioMedtrix Universal Hip System
  • BioMedtrix Canine Total Knee System
  • Stryker System 5 sagittal saws and drills
  • Stryker TPS consoles and TPS microdrills (2 sets)
  • Styker arthroscopy towers (2) and arthroscopes (4 mm)
  • Kyon TTA instrument set
  • Zeiss OPMI-1 operating microscope
  • Microsurgical simultor (Braintree Scientific)