Equine MRI Now Available

The Galbreath Equine Center now offers a mobile equine MRI service, open to both VMC patients and outside practitioners. Through an agreement with MREquine, a mobile high-field MRI unit will be available at the center at least once a month as needed. The unit was at the VMC for the first time on August 20-21.

MREquine provides a high-field magnet (1.5T) in a mobile coach, as well as highly trained staff, to perform the procedure on site. Use of the unit requires that the horse be placed under general anesthesia for the procedure. The high-field MRI provides high-resolution images that allow detection of changes in bone and soft tissues, principally from the foot up to the carpus/tarsus.

“The use of MRI is revolutionizing how we treat horses with lameness,” said Dr. Matthew Brokken, clinical assistant professor. “In most cases, it allows us to determine a specific diagnosis leading to more targeted therapy.”

With the ever increasing costs of therapy, the MRI is valuable for clients as well. By providing an accurate and specific diagnosis, MRI allows for faster and more efficient treatment and resolution of equine lameness. Horses will be brought in the day before the procedure to allow time to pull shoes, take radiographs of the feet, and check the horses’ PCV and total protein. The VMC is currently scheduling cases at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m.

“We are pleased to provide this service for referring veterinarians, as well as another diagnostic tool for our in-house clinicians,” said Karin Zuckerman, VMC director.

To make an appointment with the Galbreath Equine Center, please call 614-292-6661.