Departmental Academic Program Review Process

The Ohio State University conducts academic program review of its academic departments as a means to enhance and ensure academic excellence. Informed by the Academic Plan and college and department goals, academic departments -- with support from the college and the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) -- conduct a data-informed, analytic self-review that identifies issues and proposes strategies to address those issues and enhance academic quality. The self-review is followed by a visit and report from a strong external team of peers and further consultation between the department, college, and OAA. After the internal and external phases of the review process, progress on and the achievement of goals and initiatives that emerge from the review become an integral component of strategic planning and communications between the department, college, and OAA. Academic program reviews take place on a six-year cycle and include periodic progress updates between reviews.

The Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences began the self-study component of the Academic Program Review process in 2008 and the process culminated in the external review team visit in March 2009, followed by preparation of its plan of action.

Academic Program Review Documentation