Burkhard, Mary Jo

Dr. Burkhard

Mary Jo Burkhard, DVM, PhD
Diplomate ACVP (Clinical Pathology)

Associate Professor
Clinical Pathology Residency Training Program Coordinator
Director Cytometry Core
OSU Culture Transformation Facilitator

Flow Cytometry, Clinical Pathology, and Immunology 

Department of Veterinary Biosciences
The Ohio State University
1925 Coffey Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Ph: (614) 247-8024
Fx: (614) 292-6473
burkhard [dot] 19 [at] osu [dot] edu


Professional Training and Experience

  • DVM, Michigan State University
  • PhD, Colorado State University
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Clinical Pathology)
  • Research Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University
  • Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University 

Research Interests

  • Flow cytometry
  • Mucosal immunology
  • T-cell function and phenotype
  • Function and phenotype of freshwater mussel hemocytes
  • Immunophenotyping of hematopoietic neoplasia