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Collection and Processing

Sample Collection

Urine and 10-12ml of blood are collected prior to surgery or euthanasia. Diseased and normal tissue is collected from surgically removed tissue or during warm autopsy following euthanasia. Tisssue is processed immediatey following collection.

 Blood in test tube


Tumor and normal tissue are processed and banked as:

  • 100-200 mg flash frozen aliquots stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen
  • OCT frozen blocks contining 1-4 small (<100mg) samples stored at -80 C
  • formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded blocks containing sections that are repesentative of the frozen samples. These blocks are stored in files at room temperature. A touch prep slide is made from each section prior to placement in formalin.






  Body Fluids

 Body fluids are frozen in cryovials at -80 C and stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen.

  • Whole Blood: 1.0ml aliquots
  • Serum: 0.5ml aliquots
  • Plasma: 0.5ml aliquots
  • Urine: 0.5ml aliquots

Tissue sample stained