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Biopsy Reports

Biopsy Reports

Surgical Pathology Reports

  • If the lesion is definitive, the report can be in the form of a morphologic diagnosis with severity, distribution and time (if appropriate) modifiers. If the lesion is not definitive, the lesion will be described and given a morphologic diagnosis. The pathologist should speculate on the cause and pathogenesis of non-definitive lesions.
  • Surgical pathology reports are available 48 hours following receipt of request AND specimen(s) via VetStar. As specimens are received in Goss Lab by 10:00 am, the results are on VetStar by 10:00 am (two days later).
  • Clinic cases are listed by medical record number. If information is added or changed after the initial report has been printed, an addendum will be added and imported into VETSTAR. Printed copies of the reports are sent to Medical Records by Veterinary Pathobiology Library Personnel via campus mail or courier.


Clinicians requesting pathology consultation on surgical pathology reports should first contact the original surgical pathologist. If the issue remains unresolved the clinician is free to seek a second opinion.