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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Core

This core was formed in 2002 to focus the department's investments in shared-use infrastructure. The goals of the core are to provide and maintain selected instrumentation and to provide sufficient training to facilitate end-user operation.

Major pieces of supported equipment include:

  • Real-time PCR: Lightcycler 480 (Roche light cycler)
  • Real-time PCR: Lightcycler 1.2 (Roche light cycler)
  • Surface plasmon resonance biosensor (Biacore 3000)
  • Phosphorimager (Molecular Dynamics/Amersham)
  • PTC-225 PCR Tetrad (MJ Research)
  • AlphaImager (Alpha Innotech)
  • Typhoon Imaging (General Electric)
  • Wallac MicroBeta TriLux

Other shared-use equipment include:

  • UV/Vis spectrometer (Lambda 45, Perkin Elmer)
  • Luminescence spectrometer (fluorimeter) (LS55, Perkin Elmer)
  • High pressure liquid chromatograph (Waters)
  • Medium pressure liquid chromatograph (Akta system, Pharmacia Biosciences)
  • Lyopholyzer (Freezemobile 25, and Model 10-147, Virtis)
  • French pressure cell (50ml, Aminco) and hydraulic press (Carver)
  • 2200CA LSA (Packard)  

Molecular Biology Co-Directors

Dr. Charles Brooks
Ph: (614) 292-9641
[[EmailLink? Brooks]]

Dr. Kate Hayes-Ozello
Ph: (614) 292-8670
[[EmailLink? Hayes-Ozello]]

For more information, contact our staff.