Anatomic/Clinical Pathology Services and Fees


Anatomic Pathology

FY 2016 (effective July 1, 2015)

Unless otherwise stated, all prices listed are per specimen

Proficiency and Feedback Problem Log

Gross Necropsy
Specimen is examined and necropsied, written report generated on gross findings only - no histopath performed.
Mouse/gerbil/hamster $45.00 $56.25
Frog/rat/guinea pig $55.00 $68.50
Rabbit/cat/small dog $180.00 $225.00
Monkey/pig/large dog/small ruminant $270.00 $337.50
Complete Necropsy

Includes gross necropsy, trimming and slide prep to routine H&E, gross and/or microscopic photos (as applicable), histopathology evaluation with final report.

Radiographs, clinical pathology, frozen OCT blocks, special stains, and/or IHC are available at additional cost.

Routine Mouse/Gerbil/Hamster $175.00 $324.75
Fish/Snake $150.00 $324.75
Frog/Rat/Guinea Pig $200.00 $603.50
Rabbit/Cat/Small Dog (< 30lbs) $700.00 $1,145.50
Monkey/Pig/Large Dog/Small Ruminant $1000.00 $1,826.00
Comprehensive (Customized) MouseOSUNon-OSU

Includes complete necropsy services described above with expanded tissue collection and the addition of selected organ weights.

Radiographs, clinical pathology, frozen OCT blocks, special stains, and/or IHC are available at additional cost.

$250.00 $603.50
Mouse Phenotyping NecropsyOSUNon-OSU

Focusing on, but not limited to, spontaneous and chemically or genetically engineered mutant mice, this includes those services offered in the comprehensive level above but with a more extensive necropsy. While radiographs and clinical pathology are not routinely included, these tests are strongly recommended for the standardized and complete phenotypic evaluation of age-, sex-, strain-matched mutant mice.

Frozen OCT blocks, special stains, and/or IHC are available at additional cost.

$400.00 $824.50
Mouse Embryo/Fetal Evaluation (Gross & Microscopic w/slide prep)
Conceptus less than 11 dpc/conceptus $250.00 $404.75
Conceptus greater than or equal to 11 dpc/conceptus
$350.00 $580.25
Note that specialized requests such as embryo dissection, biopsy, RNA/DNA sampling may incur additional costs.
Biopsy (with slide preparation)
Single tissue per slide $63.00 $79.00
> 1 tissue per slide $100.00 $123.00
Slide Evaluation (without slide prep)
Single tissue per slide $50.00 $51.25
> 1 tissue per slide $70.00 $87.50
Quantitative Image Analysis (without slide prep)
per slide $100.00 $120.50
Aperio Slide Scanning
per slide $20.00 $34.00

Frozen OCT Block Preparation
Per block $3.25 $4.00
Consultation Board-Certified Pathologist
Consultation, photomicroscopy/hr (30 minute minimum) $140.00 $175.50
Qualified Technician
Training, tissue harvest, photography/hr (30 minute minimum) $40.00 $49.25
Film charge, no interpretation $9.25 $11.75
First image, with interpretation $32.75 $41.00

Clinical Pathology (prices per sample)

Proficiency and Feedback Problem Log

Hematology Minimum 30µL whole blood in EDTA (lavendar top) tube
Complete blood count (CBC) w/differential $35.00 $50.25
Manual differential $10.00 $12.75
Blood smear (slide prep only) $2.00 $2.50
Staining of supplied smears $3.00 $4.00
Bone marrow smear (slide prep only) $7.50 $9.50
Manual reticulocyte count $11.00 $14.25
Serum Chemistry: Please note that we are unable to reliably process plasma samples in our current chemistry analyzer. Chemistry samples spun from blood drawn into heparanized (green top) or EDTA-coded (purple/lavendar top) tubes are functionally considered plasma. Chemistry samples should be obtained from whole blood collected in no-additive (plain red or gold/yellow top) tubes for processing through the CPMPSR. Blood or serum/plasma in no-additive (plain, red or gold top) tube
Comprehensive biochemical panel (≥300 µL) $50.00 $72.50
Electrolytes only (≥150 µL) $35.00 $71.00
Cardiac/lipid panel (≥170 µL) $30.00 $35.50
Hepatic panel (≥100 µL) $30.00 $37.75
Renal panel (≥200 µL) $35.00 $43.50
Any single test (≥50 µL for any single electrolyte; 25 µL for any single non-electrolyte) $10.00 $12.50
Any single test (with purchase of Complete Biochemical Panel) $5.00 $6.00
Complete CBC w/ differential & Comprehensive Biochemical Panel $82.50 $122.50
Complete urinalysis $21.00 $26.00
Dipstick $9.00 $11.75
Specific gravity $5.00 $6.50
Sediment evaluation $22.00 $27.50
Bronchioalveolar lavage/Fluid analysis $40.00 $57.00
Cytologic Evaluation $70.00 $87.75
Microbiology (follow link for services)