Copyrighted Materials Use

The Dean of Administration and Curriculum, Director of Instructional Technologies and the College Senior Fiscal Officer worked with the Department of Technology Licensing and Commercialization and the Office of Legal Affairs to develop a Copyrighted Materials Agreement. This agreement is intended to identify digital works that are being used by individuals or entities outside of the College and document their specific intended use. The purpose of this agreement is to protect images created by our medical illustrator from being distributed outside of the College without appropriate permission and attribution.

Listed below are a few examples of situations we have encountered that led us to developing a Copyrighted Materials Agreement.

  • Faculty members share images they use in teaching and publication with faculty members of other institutions. Unfortunately, in the digital era, digital images are often passed on and sometimes even edited by recipients to create derivative works without appropriate credit to the original artist.
  • The College has a salaried employee (Tim Vojt) who is paid to create digital works for faculty members. The work he creates is owned by and copyright Ohio State University. A talented medical illustrator is one of the College's unique resources and contributes to the excellence of our programs. Simply giving away this artwork, which has been paid for by the University, does a disservice to the illustrator and the College. Most colleges of veterinary medicine no longer have resources like Biomedical Media.
  • Widely distributing this work has the potential to diminish the reputation and unique visual identity of the College when the work of our faculty and medical illustrator is presented by colleagues from other universities without attribution.
  • Once a digital image leaves the College (or even sometimes when the image has not left the College proper) it becomes impossible to control its use.

In the event that you are asked to share an image, please download a copy of the Copyrighted Materials Agreement and complete page 1. Have the requester sign and fill in their contact information on page 2, and have them return the form to Tim Vojt (email: vojt [dot] 1 [at] osu [dot] edu) or fax: (614) 292-0091). He will facilitate obtaining the OSU signature and will provide both the requestor and faculty member a copy of the agreement.

 Download the Copyright Materials Agreement