AVMA-Accredited Externship Program

Externship Program for Students Visiting from AVMA-Accredited Schools

General applications for the 2015-2016 school year are closed. If you have a specific request, please contact CVMPPS [at] osu [dot] edu.

We will begin accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year on January 1, 2016. We will begin reviewing applications for the 2016-2017 academic year AFTER February 1, 2016. Applications must be received at least 10 weeks prior to your requested start date.

The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine offers a variety of clinical programs for visiting veterinary students, interns, residents, graduate students, faculty and practitioners. This AVMA externship program is ONLY open to veterinary students who are enrolled in an AVMA-accredited college -- both in the United States or in countries outside of the U.S. There are other visitor programs directed by the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. See VCS Visitor Program for additional information.

The goal of the AVMA Externship Program is to provide the student with an in-depth exposure to specialty areas in veterinary medicine. Compliance with Ohio Law, state licensure requirements, and University liability insurance coverage limits hands-on clinical experience, but students are encouraged to observe our faculty and students in all clinical activites, including patient exams, rounds, special procedures and surgeries.

Although students in the externship program will not have specific primary patient care responsibilities or structured didactic learning experiences, rotation leaders will be prepared to assess their participation and performance. Grades will be reported as pass/fail, unless the student provides advance notice on their application of special grading requirements. Students must provide the rotation leader with an approved grading form, and it is the student's responsibility to see that this form is completed and returned to their home institution.

Rotation blocks are designed in 2-week increments. Orientation to the rotation will occur on the first day of each block. Visiting students are expected to be on campus for this orientation and to remain in the rotation through the end of the 2 week period. Visits are limited to two blocks (4 weeks).

Availabilty of externship rotations in a particular specialty area may be limited based on the number of students, faculty staffing, space restrictions, and programmatic needs. Externship requests may be denied if the requested visit is during a time when a large number of OSU veterinary students or other visitors are expected in a specialty service or when faculty staffing is insufficient. Availabilty is always subject to change without notice.

Visiting students are encouraged to carry personal health insurance during their externship period. The Ohio State University, including it's faculty, staff, students, agents and representatives, is not responsible for illness or injuries encountered during participation in visitor programs and does not provide payment for any care received.

A transcript or letter of verification from the Dean of Student Affairs (or other comparable institutional official) stating that the student is matriculated and in good academic standing in the college of veterinary medicine must accompany the application.

Externship participants are expected to make their own arrangements for transportation and living accommodations. Directions to the Veterinary Medical Center can be found at http://vet.osu.edu/vmc/directions-and-map.

All correspondences regarding applications will be made via email.

AVMA-Accredited Externship Program Application

College of Veterinary Medicine  

Visiting Externship Program for Students from

AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Schools

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AVMA Externship Program

The AVMA Externship program offers unique clinical rotation experiences for visiting 4th year (senior) veterinary students who are enrolled in AVMA-accredited veterinary colleges.  If your institution is not among the drop box choices listed below, then you do not qualify for this program. You might consider other available options through the VCS Visitor Program.

Date Preference

Students participating in the AVMA Clerkship program must complete a minimum of 2 weeks in a designated specialty

Select more than one block date by ctrl-clicking each of the options requested.

Potential externships are listed in the drop box below.  Availability in a particular speciality area may be limited based on placement of OSU students.

(e.g. Will you receive a letter grade, A-E, for this experience? If not, or if it is pass/fail, select "no")
Additional Details
Please provide any additional details that will help us with scheduling. (e.g. date preferences, wanting to take a rotation more than once, etc.)

In addition to this on-line application, students interested in visiting the OSU CVM must also provide a transcript or letter of verification from the Dean of Student Affairs (or other comparable institutional official) stating that the student is matriculated and in good academic standing in the college of veterinary medicine.  An application will not be considered until this document is received.

Please FAX to:

The OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: AVMA-Accredited Clerkship Program Coordinator

Fax: (614) 688-5472

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