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Connect to Veterinary Medicine: November 2006

Connect to Veterinary Medicine November, 2006 Newsletter

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: May 2006

Our new faculty, college cancer research, public health seminar...

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: March 2006

Ticks and genomics, Greyhound wellness care, animal envy, a dean and a scholar...

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: February 2006

Dr. Olson's distinguished service, prostate cancer research, Egyptian veterinarians visit, the Midwest Veterinary Conference, and a student achievement award.

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: December 2006

Connect to Veterinary Medicine Alumni Newsletter

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: April 2006

On the front line, Breaking ground, An ambassador for diversity, The future of veterinary medicine...

Connect to Veterinary Medicine: October 2006

Alumni Reunion, oncology news, faculty honors, greyhounds, research, and AABP awards.

Class of 2010 Orientation

Welcome to the Class of 2010 orientation

The Class of 2010 began their activities on Sunday, September 18. For the second consecutive year students came to the College early to participate in several activities designed to help them get to know classmates and themselves. All students completed a "DiSC" profile, a personality analysis designed to understand people's reactions and actions in the workplace.

Orientation 2006 Photos

Images taken from the Orientation for the Class of 2010