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Organization and Mission

Mission and Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine is to benefit society through the education of veterinarians and the protection of animal health. This includes the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and understanding of animal diseases; the conservation of livestock resources; the promotion of public health; and the advancement of medical knowledge through professional and graduate education, research and service in the broad discipline of veterinary medicine.

The college is an important resource for the biomedical and agricultural communities, contributing to the development of new knowledge and the training of future scientists. In keeping with Ohio State’s land-grant mission, the college is committed to disseminating new knowledge to the public, providing advanced and continuing training for veterinarians and providing access to specialized veterinary medical services. The college is a vital part of The Ohio State University and embraces the combined mission of advancing and disseminating knowledge as described in the university's mission and vision statement.

Our Goals

The goals of the College of Veterinary Medicine are to:

  • Provide an excellent comprehensive professional curriculum that educates students in the broad field of veterinary medicine, encourages critical and analytical thinking and prepares students for life-long learning and professional growth.
  • Promote growth and excellence in research in order to improve the health of animals, assure the wholesomeness of food animal products and contribute to the understanding of basic mechanisms or animal models of disease.
  • Provide an intellectual and physical environment that fosters creativity and enhances scholarly activity.
  • Sustain state of the art facilities including teaching and research laboratories and a Veterinary Medical Center to educate professional students, support research, train specialists and serve as referral centers.
  • Educate future academicians and research scientists by involving graduate students and residents in high quality teaching and research programs.
  • Provide continuing education, extension services and consultation for veterinarians and the citizens of Ohio.