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Professional Program Teaching Honor Roll

The Professional Program Teaching Honor Roll was initiated with the 2015-2016 academic year to recognize those teaching in the professional program who consistently attain high student evaluation of instruction (SEI) data while carrying a teaching load in the Preclinical Core, Preclinical Elective, or Clinical curriculum that is equal to or above average. Faculty eligible for the Honor Roll will include Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor tenure-track, clinical, or research faculty or those associated faculty with a practice track title.


2015-2016 Honor Roll

  • Dr. Susan Barrett
  • Dr. Mary Jo Burkhard
  • Dr. Teresa Burns
  • Dr. Ronaldo da Costa
  • Dr. Marco da Silva
  • Dr. Tod Drost
  • Dr. Liza Guess
  • Dr. Eric Green
  • Dr. Larry Hill
  • Dr. Sue Knoblaugh
  • Dr. Laurie Millward
  • Dr. Sarah Moore
  • Dr. Tatiana Motta
  • Dr. Andy Niehaus
  • Dr. Chris Premanandan
  • Dr. Katy Proudfoot
  • Dr. Karsten Schober
  • Dr. Emma Warry
  • Dr. Maxey Wellman
  • Dr. David Wilkie
  • Dr. Page Yaxley