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Veterinary Outreach Program

Veterinary Outreach Program

Expanding access to veterinary care

Your pets are family. When they get sick, you
want to give them the best care available.
But many families cannot afford even basic
wellness care for their pets.

Working with community partners, Ohio State’s
Veterinary Outreach Program helps these
families and their beloved pets. We keep at-risk
animals healthy, letting them live with their
owners as long as possible.

The Veterinary Outreach Program has provided
care to more than 1,500 pets owned by low income
elderly, disabled or homebound
residents in Franklin County. Pets receive
wellness care and owners benefit from pet care
education and counseling.
This community outreach also touches the
lives of our students. Community Practice and
Outreach Medicine is one of the core rotations
for the college’s 162 fourth-year veterinary

Each year, more than 100 of these
students choose to participate in the Veterinary
Outreach Program as part of this rotation.
The experience instills in our students a sense
of social responsibility to animals and people
in need. Interacting with diverse populations
prepares students for veterinary careers where
compassion and interpersonal skills are as
essential as medical knowledge.
Students discover the powerful bond between
pets and their people. For these owners in
difficult circumstances, their pets are a lifeline.

This has been a valuable program for our
community and Ohio State students. Now,
the pets, clients and students served by the
Veterinary Outreach Program need you.

How Can You Make a Difference

We invite you to help expand the Veterinary
Outreach Program. Gifts of any amount will
impact the program, allowing us to:

• increase the number of days that faculty and
students are able to be in the community
caring for animals;

• offer critical care in areas such as surgery,
cardiology, ophthalmology and dentistry, for
animals whose owners cannot afford it; and

• continue to provide wellness care,
vaccinations and medications for animals, at
minimal or no cost to the owner.

Through the Veterinary Outreach Program, Brute, a 10-year-old boxer whose owner did not have access to veterinary care, received in-home treatment for a cancerous mass on his leg

Ohio State is committed to broadening the
program’s reach. To connect with underserved
pets and people, we will build on our past
partnership with Lifecare Alliance and our
current collaboration with the Capital Area
Humane Society.

A dedicated faculty position has been created
to oversee Community Practice and Outreach
Medicine and guide our students through this lifechanging
Your support will ensure the future success of the
Veterinary Outreach Program. 

Call 614-688-5588 or visit
to learn more. You can make a critical difference
for at-risk pets and their families today. 

    Support the Veterinary Outreach Program


Our goal is to keep animals healthy and with their owners as long as possible.