Veterinary Outreach Program

Veterinary Outreach ProgramThe Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine has engaged in a new partnership with Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS) to provide wellness care for pets belonging to elderly or homebound residents in Franklin County. Since the program started in October 2009 with Lifecare Alliance, over 1,500 patient visits to serve the needs of over 1,000 elderly, disabled and chronically ill have been performed. The new outreach collaboration with CAHS will allow the college to enhance and expand services to at-risk animal populations in Franklin County. The program is under the direction of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine faculty members, Drs. Larry Hill and Linda Lord.

Drs. Hill and Lord, along with veterinary students, spend one day a week providing basic veterinary care for animals owned by individuals that either do not have access to veterinary care because they are homebound or due to financial constraints. 

The specific objectives for the Veterinary Outreach Program are to educate pet owners in Central Ohio regarding the basic and essential elements of pet health and well-being; establish the program as an on-going rotation for The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine students as a method for raising students’ awareness and sense of civic responsibility; and contribute meaningful research and scholarship regarding prevalence of pet ownership and effect of pets and pet healthcare on social and behavioral sciences, including the effect on family structure and well-being, pet health and wellness, and the human animal bond.

This program will not only improve the lives of the thousands of animals and pet owners it will serve, but also will increase the skills and community awareness of the hundreds of students involved. Ohio State students will be able to accompany members of the Animal Cruelty Investigations Department and a veterinarian as they conduct visits to homes that harbor at-risk animals, an unprecedented opportunity to engage in perhaps one of the most critical aspect of animal advocacy and intervention. 

  • Capital Area Humane Society, a non-profit animal welfare organization founded in 1883, provides programs and services for animals and people in Central Ohio, with a mission to fight animal cruelty, help animals in need and advocate for their well-being.

How Can You Make a Difference

Our work can continue with your help. We invite you to help support our efforts to expand the Veterinary Outreach Program. Gifts of any amount will impact the program by allowing us to:

    Support the Veterinary Outreach Program
  • Increase the number of days during the week faculty and students are able to be in the community caring for animals. Currently our outreach program is only in the community one day a week.
  • Provide advanced medical care when necessary for animals that need to see one of our specialists. Often, advanced procedures are more costly and many owners cannot afford this critical care in areas such as cardiology, ophthalmology or dentistry.
  • Continue to provide wellness care to animals by offering vaccinations and medications at no cost to the owner.

*If you are interested in giving to the Veterinary Outreach Program, please contact the CVM Development Office for more information about supporting the Veterinary Outreach Program.  614-688-8433

For general information on the Veterinary Outreach Program, please call 614-688-5588

Our goal is to keep animals healthy and with their owners as long as possible.