Wellman, Maxey

Dr. Wellman

Maxey Wellman, DVM, MS, PhD
Diplomate ACVP


Department of Veterinary Biosciences
The Ohio State University
0026 Veterinary Medical Center
601 Vernon Tharp St.
Columbus, Ohio 43210
Ph: (614) 292-1877
Fx: (614) 292-4688
wellman [dot] 3 [at] osu [dot] edu

Professional Training and Experience

  • BS, The Ohio State University, Animal Science, 1973
  • DVM, The Ohio State University, 1978
  • MS, University of Illinois, Veterinary Pathobiology, 1981
  • PhD, The Ohio State University Veterinary Pathobiology, 1987
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists (Clinical Pathology), 1987

Research Interests

  • Mechanisms of feline leukemia virus-induced erythroid aplasia
  • Structure and function of the bone marrow microenvironment
  • Characterization of canine large granular lymphocytes
  • Development of cell lines for characterization and therapeutic trials
  • Hematopoeitec neoplasia