International Certificate Program for Dairy Practitioners

The International Certificate Program for Dairy Veterinary Practitioners offers advanced educational knowledge in an Intensive 6-day (from Monday to Saturday) face-to-face comprehensive program for practicing veterinarians. The program provides a framework to develop cutting edge applied skills in production medicine and decision making. Participants will develop quantitative and personal skills that can be used to promote and expand their production medicine services. Course materials can be applied to farms of any size, including those under grazing conditions.

Participants will receive educational programming and materials in Spanish and/or English. The learning methods will include in-classroom lectures, hands-on exercise/case study, group discussions, and farm visits. 


2012 group from Argentina

  • Dr. Silvina Alza
  • Dr. Raul Berisso
  • Dr. Damian Cora
  • Dr. Rodrigo Erquiaga
  • Dr. Guillermo Etchanchu
  • Dr. Fernando Ferrero
  • Dr. Abel Forlino
  • Dr. Luciano Garcia Eyherabide
  • Dr. Mauricio Gens
  • Dr. Ignacio Pagate
  • Dr. Carina Pavin
  • Dr. Pedro Peralta
  • Dr. Gustavo Preisegger
  • Dr. Horacio Mihura